Low-Impact, Petroleum-Free, & Sustainable Distribution by Sailing Dog Dry Goods
Low-Impact, Petroleum-Free, & Sustainable Distribution by Sailing Dog Dry Goods

At Sailing Dog Dry Goods, we believe these two things:

What we don't believe is that those two facts should prevent you from having and enjoying your morning coffee.

Which is why we're delivering coffee around the Puget Sound, using sail power.

Now, you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of coffee on chilly, Pacific Northwest mornings that came to you, shipped by sail. When you look at the forests and marine wildlife you care about, that makes this area great, you know that we care about them too; we committed ourselves and our business to protecting them through alternative energy based transportation. We see no reason to lag behind using petroleum-based propulsion, which is only getting more and more expensive and damaging every year, when we could turn instead to the cleaner, faster energy that can be harnessed with simple sail cloth and solar panels. The Puget Sound has a rich nautical shipping history, from Indigenous traders to Europeans. We become a part of that history together now, as we ship your coffee to you by sail, protect our ecosystems together, and enjoy great coffee! We are 100% committed to our no petroleum propulsion goal. We have already traveled almost 2000 nautical miles, including an ocean passage with no petroleum. Our crew and ships are experienced, and will make sure you get your morning coffee, fossil fuel free!

Interested in having whole bean coffee delivered straight to your boat?

Please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with details!

Thank you!

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About Mahonri, Ariel and Lenin

Our Family, Mahonri, Ariel, and Lenin

About Connor, Indigo and Marina

Chase, Indigo, and Marina

About Wimahl

Wimahl is a 1978 Cape Dory 28, a model known for its seaworthiness and rugged nature. Cape Dorys are highly sought after by people looking for a small sailboat than can cruise the world.

Ours is a Bermuden rigged sloop, having a single main sail, combined with either a small club-footed jib foresail, or a larger genoa.

When we purchased Wimahl, we were told that she had sailed around the South Pacific with a previous owner. We haven't been able to verify this, but we do know that she had been sailed at least around the Pacific Northwest for a number of years.

We have modified her extensively, including reworking the chainplates and rigging, installing solar panels, setting up the yuloh sculling oar, new sails, and modifying storage on the inside.

About Osprey

Osprey is a Buchan 37, a famed design by local Seattle yacht builder Bill Buchan. It was designed and built to be a fast cruiser, and many of them are still in use in the Puget Sound, being raced every week. Several have done much farther journeys, to Mexico and beyond.

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